Steel Services Grinding - The leader in blanchard grinding for over 60 years

Blanchard grinding is the most cost effective, efficient, and most precise method for most grinding needs, offering unparalleled versatility in size, tolerance consistency, and providing the  fastest, most economical process for large stock removal.

Combine the benefits of Blanchard grinding with more than 60 years experience in servicing all your Blanchard grinding needs, and you will be assured quality, dependability, and personal attention from the company that specializes in Blanchard grinding ... and only Blanchard Grinding.

With our 227" Blanchard-style Grinder, we have filled out and solidified our grinding capabilities to take on the largest, most diversified range of grinding jobs in the industry. However, operating the largest rotary surface grinder is just one aspect of our company's total capabilities. Responding to industry's needs, Steel Services Company has equipped itself with Blanchard Grinders of different diameters for grinding all ferrous and nonferrous materials, including ceramic refractory products, granite, G-10 and phenolic. All machinery is equipped with vacuum chucks for the grinding of non-magnetic materials.

Unlike many other grinding companies we can offer in-house stress relieving to our customers. Eliminating the need to ship your product to multiple facilities for stress relieving and grinding saves you time and money, and our experience will insure your job is done correctly.
Years of growth in Blanchard grinding has not changed our commitment to offer personal attention to each customer and every project. We are here to service all of your grinding needs.  our motto has always been "ASK THE MAN THAT USES US" if you have any questions about our ability to satisfy all of your grinding needs, we are happy to provide you with over 60 years of referrals from satisfied customers.

Contact our grinding specialists at (323) 560-1430 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Alternatively, fill out the form "HERE" and Steel Services Grinding will contact you.

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