What does Steel Services do?

Steel Services Company offers Blanchard Grinding, Edge Grinding, and in-house Stress Relieving services in the Greater Los Angeles area.  We can also help you with Steel Plate Sourcing, Sandblasting, and Painting.

What is Blanchard Grinding?

Blanchard Grinding, or Rotary Surface Grinding, is a process used to efficiently remove stock from one side of a piece of raw material, a weldment, a casting, or a machined part. The process delivers precision results and is faster and far more economical than machining or surface grinding.

What materials can you grind?

We can grind a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous materials including steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, castings, granite, ceramics, plastics, G-10, and phenolic.

What is your size capacity?

We have six Blanchard Grinding machines with capacities up to 225" square x 80" in height. Our stress-relieving oven can handle components up to 79" x 135" x 37".   Our four overhead cranes have a maximum lifting capacity of 15 tons.

What tolerances can you hold?

For Blanchard Grinding we can hold dimensional and flatness tolerances of ±.001” with surface finishes to 32 Ra.  For Edge Grinding we can hold flatness/perpendicularity within ±.005” with surface finishes to 32 Ra.

Can you grind angles?

Yes. Steel Services has developed a process that can grind any angle you need  on our Rotary Surface Grinders with consistent accuracy and precision.

What about stress relieving?

Steel Services offers in-house stress relieving in our large-capacity oven. We can handle parts up to 135" long x 79" wide x 36" tall.

Where are you located?

Steel Services Company is located at 5637 District Boulevard, Vernon, CA 90058, approximately 5.5 miles from downtown Los Angeles.

Do you offer pickup and delivery services?

Yes. Steel Services offers pickup and delivery services in the greater Los Angeles area.  Our Ford F-550 stake bed truck can handle payloads up to 9,000 pounds.

How long has Steel Services Company been in business?

Our company was founded by Steve S. Schaffer, Sr., in 1950. Today, the fourth generation of Steve's family proudly carries on the Steel Services tradition of excellence. That's 70+ years of continuous operation.

Do you offer services in addition to Blanchard Grinding?

Yes. Steel Services also offers in-house Edge Grinding and Stress Relieving, along with Steel Plate Sourcing, Sandblasting, Painting.  We also offer pickup and delivery services in the greater Los Angeles area.

What is your lifting capacity?

We have four overhead cranes with a maximum lifting capacity of 15 tons.

How large is your facility?

We have a total of 30,000 square feet of floor space.

How to I find out about doing business with Steel Services Company?

Please call us at (323) 560-1430 or email us for more information, or visit our Contact page.